Friday, January 25, 2008

Blue Haze Chlorine Smell in West Virginia - Kanawha County

BREAKING NEWS: Blue Haze Prompts Emergency Advisory

UPDATE @ 4:40PM:
This information is from Metro 911:





Metro 911 is advising people in Kanawha County to go indoors if you are affected by the mysterious blue haze and chlorine smell.

Commissioner Kent Carper says people in Kanawha County should stay indoors if they feel affected by the haze -- and call 911 if you are feeling sick. He adds that the haze has been reported as far west as Putnam County.

Carper initially told WSAZ that a shelter in place was issued, but has since said that is not the case. He says the fact that the haze is a mystery is what is prompting the county to issue a warning.

Carper says Dow reported a tanker car leaking earlier in the day, but he said officials don't know if it's connected with the blue haze.

The Kanawha County EOC has been activated, according to Carper, who is also the President of the Kanawha County Metro 911 board.

There is virtually no wind and that will continue this eve.

That means there will be a higher concentration of the gas/haze over smaller area than if we had a wind blowing the haze affecting a larger area with a smaller concentration.

What is likely happening, the gas is warmer than the air is rising and spreading outward due a process known as diffusion.

What is diffusion? The spreading out of a gas in all directions regardless of wind speed, direction.

Dispatchers earlier told us they've checked with Dow and Bayer, and those companies say they've had no leaks.

A caller to WSAZ says she saw a blue cloud headed toward her house just off Corridor G.

Dale Petry, Kanawha County Emergency Services Director says crews are trying to track the source of the haze -- and that it's dissipating as quickly as it appeared. Petry says he doesn't know what the chemical is, but says it has a chlorine-like smell.

Anyone wanting additional information about the mystery haze should call (304) 746-8749.

Stay with for more information.

Here is the news release issued by Metro 911 at 3:48pm:


Metro 911 reports haze and chlorine smell over Charleston and South Charleston

Officials advise if you are in distress, stay inside and do not hesitate to call 911 for help

Metro 911 of Kanawha County is reporting a haze and strong chlorine smell in the Charleston and South Charleston area.

Metro 911 has received dozens of calls from the public, starting around 1:15 p.m. today and continuing at this hour.

Industrial sources of hazardous materials are required to notify Metro 911 when they have a leak or release of such product. At this time, Metro 911 has not received any notification. Metro 911 and emergency managers have contacted all chemical facilities in the region and none report any lost product.

As a result, emergency officials do not know the source of the smell or what the product is or its origin. Following established protocols, emergency officials have activated the Emergency Operations Center and are tracking the location of the calls.

The public is being advised that if you are in any form of distress, stay inside and do not hesitate to call 911 for help. Extra ambulances are on standby as a precaution.

The EOC will stand open to assess and monitor this situation until officials are assured there is no danger.

For more information, call EOC personnel at 746-8743.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Experts Fear Repeat Of 1929 Economic Crash

Experts Fear Repeat Of 1929 Economic Crash
Kuttner blames "insiders with conflicts of interest" for meltdown danger, tanking of dollar

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Two prominent economic experts have warned that "insiders with conflicts of interest" allied to the Fed's policy of tanking the dollar to bail out Wall Street could lead to a repeat of the economic crash of 1929, during a segment on Bill Moyers' PBS show.

"I think there are three big parallels between what happened in the 20's and what has been happening in Wall Street lately," Robert Kuttner told Moyers.

Kuttner is a veteran economic journalist and a former legislative assistant in congress.

"One is insiders with conflicts of interest that are not fully disclosed to the public generally, secondly - there's much too much borrowed money....particularly in the financially engineered parts of the economy....and third is the lack of transparency - regulators and the public don't get any kind of disclosure," added the former BusinessWeek writer.

Kuttner blamed an economy based on "asset bubbles" for the rising tension in the markets and said that, similarly to the 1920's, "engineered euphoria" and companies cooking the books had combined to endanger the safety of the economy.


Saturday, August 4, 2007

Health Care Investor Buys 33.4% of Lions Gate Shares 1 Week before the Release of Michael Moore’s SICKO

Mark H. Rachesky, M.D. purchased 33.4% (over 40 Million) shares of Lions Gate stock one week prior to the scheduled opening of Michael Moore's controversial film "Sicko" which happens to be distributed by Lions Gate and the Weinstein Co. (SEC filing can be found here). The exact day of purchase was June 30, 2007. Sicko debuted in the U.S. on June 22, 2007, earning $4.6 million in 441 theatres and achieving the 4th highest opening weekend for a documentary, after Farienhiet 9/11.

Dr. Rachesky is the founder and President of MHR Fund Management LLC and affiliates who are investment managers of various private funds. Dr. Rachesky is currently on the Board of Directors of Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. who focus on the acquisition, development and commercialization of medically important, novel pharmaceutical products for the treatment of life-threatening diseases, including diabetes and cancer. He is also an investment broker for NovaDel Pharma Inc. (AMEX: NVD), a specialty pharmaceutical company who targets candidates suffering from nausea, insomnia, migraine headaches and disorders of the central nervous system (CNS). In addition DR. Rachesky is the beneficial owner of Medical Nutrition USA, Inc. owning approximately 29% of the company with 3,786,799 shares. He is also the Director of Neose Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTEC) which is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of next-generation therapeutic proteins that are competitive with best in class protein drugs currently on the market. In 2003, the market for therapeutic proteins grew by almost 19% to $37 billion, and is predicted to achieve sales of over $90 billion by 2010. Recently the Doctor also has invested in Emisphere Technologies, Inc. another bio pharmaceutical company charting new frontiers in drug delivery. Emisphere has strategic alliances with world-leading pharmaceutical companies

Originally, Lion’s Gate had planned a wide release of SICKO in over 1,600 theaters nationwide June 29, 2007 but one week prior to the release the number was reduced to a mere 400. This decision was made the same week Dr. Rachesky purchased Lions Gate stock. Could this be pure coincidence?

The debut of SICKO was
the fourth-highest grossing documentary since record keeping began in 1982. If it was such a success why would Lionsgate reduce the amount to be released? When SICKO was shown at the Cannes Film Festival a month prior on May 19th the film was loudly applauded and hailed by critics. The movie has practically disappeared from sight. Can someone please tell me why?

Did Dr Rachesky purchase the stock for controlling interests in Lions Gate? Controlling Interest is when the parent company owns a majority of the common stock that allows the shareholder major influence on the company. Normally for one to obtain controlling interests in a company one would purchase at least 51% of all shares however, in some cases a single entity can essentially maintain control with only 33.4% of the outstanding shares. Ironically, this is the exact percentage of shares purchased by Dr. Rachesky.

In the film SICKO Michael Moore turns his attentions toward the topic of health care in the United States in this documentary that weighs the plight of the uninsured against the record profits of the pharmaceutical industry. Moore interviews a number of people who have been left broke by medical bills even though they were fully insured, and explains how the corporate drive for profits has left numerous people in financial and medical disarray. After hearing that detainees in Guantanamo have access to free health care, Moore assembles a group of World Trade Center rescue workers to travel to Cuba in order to get the medical help they need for ailments they incurred in 2001. Moore's film debuted at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide

If Dr Rachesky purchased Lions Gate shares for controlling power is it safe to ask why? There are many debates and arguments as the the accuracy of Moore’s film. What interests me is if there were no truth and validity to the documentary why would someone go to so much trouble to make sure it is not a success and limit the amount theaters where the film can be seen? Sounds to me like this film has left the health care industry shaking in their boots and they don't want us to know the truth.
Article By: Leslie Hayes
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Preview of "SICKO"

A Disturbing Clip from Sicko. Linda Pino from a major insurance agency admits to congress that she denied care to a man that ultimately lead to his death.

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